skyblock easy helper application

Helper request

1. Your name: George
2. Your nickname: George
3. Age: 14
4. Picture with the first 7 digits of CNP:
5. What penalties have you received in the past? (honestly): bans for hacking [i dont hack now
6. What can you tell us about you? (about 40 words): im random individual who wants to apply for helper since i want to help multyplay improve
7. Which section do you want ?: helper
8. How long do you play on the server ?: 3 months
9. What qualities must a Staff member have ?: must be polite and must follow rules
10. Video / picture with hours (See also the name ):
11. Do you know the rules ?: yes
12. VideoPoss with votes (See the name): 52 [CHECK ON FORUM]
13. Contact discord: 死 Lesh 🖤🌹 神#5687
14. How long can you dedicate to the server daily ?: 5 hours
15. Other specifications: i want to help the server becouse the server doesnt have many english staffs or helpers or many of them dont speak english however i want to be english staff

Re: skyblock easy helper application

Locatie gresita :tc:
== Daca ai nevoie de ajutor ma puteti contacta la adresa de discord fastaslight#7633 ==
====== sau ma puteti cauta pe server cu comanda /find fastaslight ======

========== OWNER & STAFF-MANAGER ==========

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